Jonathan Balzer


Virtual Reality

vnorama offers fully immersive playback of VR video, including 3D rendering and 180° or 360° field of view. Help us by joining the static beta test on Google Play.

Virtual Try-On

This is the screen capture of a demo that I put together for a client of Vathos. I am real, the glasses are fake. The input data consist of a polygonal mesh model of my head and a stream of RGBD images recorded with an Intel RealSense camera. The tracking algorithm is implemented in GLSL and runs on the GPU in real time.

Real-Time Dense Variational Stereo

Joint work with Gottfried Graber

Shape Optimization


YAS is a software for the alignment of RGBD images recorded from a discrete set of vantage points and their integration into a common polygonal mesh model.

Numerical Conformal Maps

NURBS-based boundary element methods for the construction of conformal maps between two planar simply connected domains.

Real-Time Structure from Motion

Isogeometric Analysis for Visual Variational Reconstruction

Specular Surface Reconstruction